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Ahrefs Webmaster tools: Free site Audit tool

Ahrefs Webmaster tools

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We all know Ahrefs is one of the most popular and largely used SEO tools. Most of the popular and biggest brands use Ahrefs. But it is not free.

There is a piece of good news for everyone, they just launched Ahrefs webmaster tools for free for everyone on 22nd September, 2020.

It is basically a free site audit tool, that anyone can use to analyze site health and other useful detailed information about on-page SEO and as well as off-page SEO.

Recently I took a test drive of Ahrefs webmaster tools and I am impressed with their detailed on-page and off-page SEO data.

Today in this article I will share my experience with Ahrefs webmaster tools with the features they offer in the free tools and how you can use Ahrefs webmaster tools for free.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Overview

Ahrefs webmaster tools are very to use. After you signup and verifying the ownership of your website the Ahrefs robot will crawl your website. It will take some time. After that, you will get the total information of your site in one place.

You will get all the data by just one or two clicks, their navigation is very user-friendly. If you are not aware of the terms such as DR, HTTP status codes distribution, Content type distribution there are liberal tooltips everywhere. Just hover on the tooltips icon it will show the explanation.

Ahrefs webmaster tools tooltips help
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The data presentation is also very impressive. All the data are shown in list view and as well as in pie chart and bar chart. This will definitely help you to understand the stats.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Ahrefs webmaster tools_dashboard
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Here is Ahrefs webmaster dashboard. Here you will get detailed stats about your website. So, let’s see what features you will get in this dashboard.

  1. Health Score of your site
  2. Domain rating
  3. Referring Domains
  4. No of organic traffic
  5. backlinks
  6. Organic keywords

Let us discuss one by one.

1. Health score

Ahrefs webmaster tools_health score
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In this section you will be able to know about your site’s health status. and what types of issues your site is facing and how to resolve those issues. here are some stats you will find in the health score section.

  1. No of the issues your site is facing
  2. Crawled URLs distribution
  3. Error distribution
  4. Crawl status of links found
  5. HTTP status codes distribution
  6. Content-type distribution
  7. HTTP status codes by depth level
  8. Bulk export of all reports

2. Domain rating

Ahrefs webmaster tools health score domain rating
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Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a target website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale. It’s essentially a less granular version of Ahrefs Rank (AR).

3. Referring domains

Ahrefs webmaster tools_referring domains
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It is the total number of unique domains linking to your target. After clicking on the referring domain section it will show a list of all domains that are directly pointing to your main domain.

4. Ahrefs backlink tool

Ahrefs webmaster tools_backlinks
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Using Ahrefs webmaster tools you can easily get all the backlinks stats of your site. They also provide Disavowed link tool. It is a management tool that a user can create and maintain disavow lists in an organized manner by uploading spreadsheet or manually add URLs and domains.

The Disavowed data is only used by Ahrefs and it excludes the URLs in the report. You can download the list for uploading in the Google Search Console.

Ahrefs backlink filter

Ahrefs backlink filter tool is a very useful tool to filter all types of links in different segmentations.

Ahrefs webmaster tools_backlinks filter
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  • Link-type (dofollow, nofollow, redirected, .gov, etc.)
  • Platform (blogs, eCommerce, forums, etc.)
  • Language
  • Traffic (by date)
  • Word or Phrase

You can also filter your backlinks using words or phrases. By including or excluding a word or a phrase you can filter the backlinks list. This very helpful to find out specific types of backlinks in less than a minute.

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How to Use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for free?

It is the first time free tool from Ahrefs. We all know that Ahrefs SEO tool is very expensive and everyone’s budget does not allow them to use Ahrefs. But Ahrefs webmaster tools are free of cost. Just follow the steps explained below.

It will take 5 minutes

  1. Signup for Ahrefs Webmaster tools

    Ahrefs webmaster tools
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    Click here to go Ahrefs webmaster tools official website. Here you have to click on the “Sign up for free” button. After that just put your email address and a password to continue or you can use your Facebook account also.

  2. Add your first project

    Ahrefs webmaster tools add projects
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    On the next step, you have to create a project. To create a project click on the “Add project” button.

  3. Import or add project

    Ahrefs webmaster tools import projects
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    Here you can import your project directly from Google Search Console. for this your ownership will be verified automatically. To use the Import option you have to sign up to this tool using the same email address of your Google Search Console account or you can add manually. In the manual section, you have to verify your ownership manually.

  4. Create a project

    Ahrefs webmaster tools_create_projects
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    Here you have put your website’s URL and a project name. and click on “Continue“.

  5. Verify ownership

    Ahrefs webmaster tools_verify ownership
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    To verify your ownership you can do any of the above. but verifying using Google Search console is recommended and easier. select GSC and click on “Continue“.

  6. Verify ownership success

    Ahrefs webmaster tools_verify ownership_success
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    Here you can see a success message after verifying the ownership through Google Search Console and click on “Continue” to proceed with the next step.

  7. Schedule site audit

    Ahrefs webmaster tools_schedule site audit
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    This is the last step you have to do. Here you have to schedule site audit time and date. Here you can also setup crawler settings as per your need and click on “Continue“.

It will take some time and after that, all the stats of your site will be displayed on the dashboard. Just click on each result to see the magic.

Why to use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

On-page SEO is one of the most important factors in Google ranking. To make your site’s on-page SEO best you need a site audit tool, to see what types of issues your site is facing. But everyone is capable of investing in a professional SEO tool.

Thus Ahrefs has launched their free site audit tool to help those creators. In this tool you will:

Monitor your SEO health

It will scan your website for 100+ common SEO issues that can hurt its performance in search engines with the advice on fixing those issues.

Know backlinks details

It will browse your website’s backlink data, collected by the industry’s favorite third-party backlink crawler, and also you will get actionable insights from your inbound and outbound link profiles with user-friendly reports and filters.

See keywords that bring you traffic

It will show keywords of your website ranks for and compare how you stack up against competitors in the SERPs.

You can also see the video to understand this tool. This video will help you to use this tool.

Difference between Google Search Console and Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console is a must-have tools for every website owners. But Google Search Console has some limitations. Some errors and warnings are overlooked by google search Console. But that issues can harm your Google ranking.

To meet up those gaps of Google Search Console Ahrefs has launched their site audit tool. Here is the gaps that Ahrefs webmaster tools will fill up.

FeaturesAhrefs Webmaster ToolsGoogle Search Console
SEO issues monitoring100+ SEO issuesA handful of issues
Advice on how to fix each issueDetailedLimited
Links are shownAll known linksTop 1000
Domain & page-level SEO metricsYesNo
Broken links dataYesNo
Link-type data (nofollow, dofollow)YesNo
Keywords are shownAll known keywordsTop 1000
SEO metrics for pages and keywordsYesNo
SERP snapshot with competitive dataYesNo
SERP features for every keywordYesNo

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools limitations

There are some limitations in this tool. Here is the limits of how many URLs are crawled and how long data is stored.

Site Audit
Monthly crawled URLs 5,000 per project
Data retention3 months
JS renderingyes
Site Explorer
Backlink index “Live” data only
Rows per report1,000
Rows per month100,000
Export rows per report1,000
Export rows per month10,000
Advanced SEO reports
Content gap10 rows per report
Link Intersect10 rows per report
Competing pages/domains10 rows per report
Top pages/subdomains/paths10 rows per report

Key Takeaways of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

No limit to the amount of “verified” plans on your account

With a paid Ahrefs account you get a limited number of project allowance depending on your plans, but in this free tool there in no such limitations. You can use unlimited number of verified website.

More “Per Project” limits for verified website

In Ahrefs webmaster tools you will get 5000 free monthly crawl limits for each of the verified domains. If you are an Ahrefs user this will add an extra benefits to your existing plan limit.

Plan developments

After verifying your website you will get all keywords list of your website that is ranking in Google’s top 100 position. Ahrefs has removed the limit of top 20 keywords rankings for all verified websites.

Javascript rendering

Javascript rendering is now available for all plans in Ahrefs. It is like a Google search engine crawler. It store the data about many websites of how they connect and what keywords they outrank in search results. 

Thus it provides accurate data of SEO, ranking metrics, and right keywords to rank your website in Google SERPs.


Ahrefs webmaster tools is offering killer service for free. As I mentioned earlier I am very satisfied with the features they are offering for free.

If you want to see on-page SEO of your site in the next level you must try this tool. The detailed stats and other useful features make this a top level SEO auditing tool that every web publisher should use.

I have not used this tool much till now. I have explained those features what I have used and what features I liked most in this tool. Please let me know in the comment section below what extra features and service you discovered in the tool.

FAQs on Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

  1. How many websites can I use in Ahrefs webmaster tools?

    You can use unlimited numbers of verified websites. If you are an SEO expert you can also add your client’s website as well.

  2. How many crawls AWT supports?

    You will get 5000 crawls per month for each and every verified domains.

  3. Is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools paid or free?

    Ahrefs Webmaster tools is a free SEO audit tool from Ahrefs. You can access all its features free for lifetime.

  4. Can I see organic keywords and backlink profile in AWT?

    Yes! You will get all the detailed stats of your site’s organic keywords and backlink profile in the tool. It is totally free of cost.

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

I created this free checklist for you.

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