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6 Digital Marketing Tips To Succeed In Web Hosting Business

6 Digital Marketing Tips To Succeed In Web Hosting Business

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Want to be successful in the web hosting business through digital marketing? If yes then you have landed in the right place.

The web hosting space is growing fast and it presents new opportunities for those that provide web hosting services. All this momentum might be a wonderful chance to start a web hosting business. But before you begin setting up your website and planning your content, there are a number of different factors you must consider as a small-scale web hosting provider.

As of the moment, web hosting is still considered by many to be a niche market. Once the preliminary setup is done, like creating a website and building your infrastructure, next comes marketing your services. For the most part, providers turn to digital marketing agencies or freelance marketers to help promote their services among potential customers.

It’s important that you establish a good working relationship with your Digital Marketing Agency or the marketer you’ve chosen to work with. You begin with strategizing your marketing goals and how to achieve them, you decide if you dive into content marketing, or you might decide to focus your attention on paid ads.

The good thing is digital marketing has advanced enough that there is no need to approach specialized agencies for each of your marketing needs. For the most part, many of these agencies (and even marketers themselves) offer a well-rounded host of services ranging from social media management, SEO, content marketing, paid advertisements, and many more.

It is for this reason that there is no need excuse to be naive about the industry seeing as information and resources are readily available.

Many web hosting entrepreneurs first begin their business by investing in equipment and setting up a good and reliable infrastructure. But it is for this very reason that they have a very limited budget for marketing since the equipment is not at all cheap.

However, it is still possible to have a robust marketing strategy even on a low budget. It’s all about tapping the right expert, managing resources, and streamlining your efforts.

Below are a couple of digital marketing tips to ensure that your web hosting business becomes a success.

1. Good content is everything

In the digital marketing space, we hear the phrase all too often, “content is king.” And there are compelling reasons why experts and newbies alike keep repeating this as if it’s their mantra. Content is everything in marketing, and especially in the digital space.

The only way to ever get any recognition and validation in this current landscape is if you put out informative, unique, and valuable information. With that being said, we can amend the previous phrase to “good content is king.”

Good content not only solidifies your business as an industry expert but also engages your visitors, and engaged visitors will return to you time and time again. Besides your web hosting services, it’s important that you keep an active blog where you can post helpful information, tips, and insight about the industry.

It will also lead to better search engine results since Google (and other search engines) prioritize regular blog posts. It’s also a good way to tell your customers that you are an expert in the field and that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Keep a mailing list

mailing list
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Yes, even in this age of social media and customized ads, mailing lists still holds a place in digital marketing and an important place at that. A mailing list can be an excellent channel for one-on-one communication with your customer base.

Think about it, to subscribe to a mailing list, the user has to put in their email after viewing your site and knowing what your service is all about. This means they are interested in learning more about your business as well as wanting to hear about any updates.

Keeping an active email list ensures that you have a pool of users who are more likely to convert. Any update on your site – new promos, programs, blog posts, etc. – should first be shared in your email list before to the general public. Include in your email that much of the information is exclusive or first shared with only a select number of people to put a little urgency.

Make sure that you provide links on your email back to your site or to a particular post to make it easier for users to access updates and helpful information.

3. Giveaways and free products

Givaway for digital marketing web hosting business
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It might sound counterintuitive that you start giving away freebies just as you’re starting your web hosting business but there are compelling proofs that this will eventually pay off. In fact, marketers will often recommend offering giveaways and free products as means of expanding your user base as well as your email list.

Think of it as wooing potential customers to your business. And you don’t have to create new products to give away, you can repurpose existing ones.

If you have already existing or old content or sample products on hand, you can rebrand it as a free ebook or free manual for download and share it with the users who visit your site. Not only will this endear visitors to your generosity but you are also providing them with helpful information that will convince them that your services are valuable and legitimate and make them want to return your website.

4. Quality reviews

Another factor that will help you achieve business success is to make sure that you have quality reviews of your services. People are now more informed than ever, and even if they encounter something they know nothing about, they have the option to go online and do research. For the most part, the first thing that they do is look at reviews. It is here that they see what other people who have experienced the service or product have to say about it.

As you begin your web hosting business, make sure that you are accumulating good reviews from people who have tried your service and have been satisfied. In every encounter with the client, especially a satisfied one, remind them to leave behind a review. Also, make sure that your reviews are featured on popular review sites where most of your target customers can be found.

You can send requests about writing reviews on your mail list or provide domains to support your claim. Remember to only work with reputable review sites since they put more credibility in reviews posted about your service.

5. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is another great way to promote your web hosting services. And the good news is only very few companies are capitalizing on this. There are numerous sites about SEO, WordPress, web hosting, and website creation where you can promote your services through affiliate marketing.

You can also collaborate with bloggers and influencers who can provide you with excellent reviews about your services or write about a product you are promoting. You can display your banner on their website or promote it on their blogs. And for every visitor or user who clicks on your link, your collaborator will receive a specified amount, sort of like a commission for promoting your business.

6. Promotional offers

If there is one thing that really attracts the attention of potential customers, it is promos and coupons. These are quite popular in online purchases. You will see promos and special offers on e-commerce sites to entice users to make a purchase or to complete the buying process. You can do the same thing with your web hosting services. Offering discounts and vouchers can help push clients into purchasing a package.

Promos, coupons, and vouchers are one way to spread the word about your services and attract more users to your website. You can present these offers as part of your mailing list or send them out to potential customers who you’ve noticed kept coming back to your website but not completing any purchase.

You can also team up with an online coupon website where you can add your coupons and expand your user base. As a general rule, don’t repeat coupons on the same website. It’s better to posts a new one so as not to seem stale in the eyes of users.

Final Thoughts

Through digital marketing, you can expand the reach of your web hosting business to include potential customers you never thought of including in your customer base. You have access to several tools that make marketing your products and services not only effective but efficient. With their help, you have a better understanding of the industry, the demographics, as well as the interest and hobbies of your user base which only helps engage and entice them to try your service.

Before deciding on a digital marketing agency to work with, make sure you’ve done your due diligence. Do research about the company and make sure they have the right manpower, experience, and skillset to match what you need.

They need to understand your goals and layout a plan for achieving them. Try to check out as many as you can and compare the different packages they offer besides asking questions about their services.

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

I created this free checklist for you.

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