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Google Core Update May 2020:You Must Need to Know

Google core update may 2020

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Google core updates have announced on May 4th,2020. They named it “core” update because they change a lot in their algorithm. It might affect a lot of websites or blogs.

This tweet has made the bloggers and the SEO expert in thought, after this Google’s core update in which position their blog will rank.

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Here is the data of daily basis SERP volatility. The January’s core update only led the average volatility to 8 points. But after May 2020 core update, on the 6th of May 2020, the volatility rate is from 9 to 9.4 for all niches.

If you are not tracking your position go to Google Analytics and see if there are any changes in the traffic.

If your traffic is increased and the position of your blog is decreased, it’s ok. But if you are seeing any volatility on your search ranking, don’t panic.

Let’s see first which niches have got affected the most.

google core update results
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Here you can see Some ranking drop the industry like Travel, tourism, live events, etc.

May 2020 Google core update: Who is the winner?

The highest impact occurs across several niches due to the pandemic. With the help of the Semrush sensor, I have found that niches like travel, real estate, health, and pet have got the highest impact. It is true for both desktop and mobile searches.

I have seen that the algorithm update affects some high authority blogs with a higher number of monthly traffic. So, one thing is clear that you do not need a high authority domain to get ranked on Google’s first page.

The above images show that the mostly rewarded niche is the news sectors. If you own a news website and you post new content daily, it is high time for you.

The below image indicates the truth that the SERP winner is the news site.

news website ranking after google's core update 2020
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What top SEO expert are saying about this update that news website gets more advantages rather than other websites. Here it is:

Basically, this is a reward core update from Google. Those bloggers who are posting fresh new user engaging content will get benefits from this article.

After rolling out this update some high authority website might lose their position and some low authority website can get a good position.

Google Core update 2020 May: What has changed by Google?

In this core update, Google has concentrated on the best content. So, that myth “Content is the King” is truly justified in this core update.

Google has told that they will not rank a page if

  1. Your content does not give any real information or research analysis.
  2. your content has no comprehensive and detailed explanations.
  3. your content does not contain any insightful analysis and also interesting info.
  4. Your content is a copy of other websites.
  5. Your does not contain proper meta descriptions and heading related to your content.
  6. Your content is not worthy to share or bookmark.
  7. Your content has massive spelling mistakes and also grammatical errors.
  8. Your content has a large number of ads. Because the audience does not come in your blog to see ads only.
  9. Your blog is not mobile-friendly.
  10. Your content does not offer substantial value compared to other pages.

So, if you have done these errors you will see some changes in the ranking of your blog.

What to do to get saved from Google’s May 2020 core update?

Google is smarter than you. If you change anything after rolling out of this core update, Google will not rank you easily and faster. If you have to keep doing this in your entire blogging life to save your blog from Google core update.

So, now I will share some tips to make your blog Google friendly.

Update your content:

 Google does not like outdated content. If you own the first position on Google and you forgot to update your old content, your blog might lose its ranking.

 For example, if a movie has released in 2018 and you have made a blog on the movie review. In 2020 Google will not rank that page in the first position.

So, always post the latest and fresh content. And also keep updating the old content. Not only changing the published date but also add some newly updated content or some images and videos. And also delete the outdated information.

Give original information:

Do not post any fake news or information in your content. Always try to give original insightful data. Try to write in detail on any topic and include some research analysis data in the content to make it rich and also user engaging.

Do not copy from other blogs:

Write blog posts from your own knowledge. Do not copy from other websites or blogs. First, read and collect the required information and then prepare your content. If your budget allows you can hire a content writer.

Google always prioritizes those who post content first. Google does not like a copy or rewritten information. Because Google has a large number of content creators.

Use proper title and descriptions:

 Always use a title that is relevant to your content. Do not use any irrelevant titles. Google will not index such pages that have the wrong title.

And always write meta descriptions in your content relevant to your content. Make and summary of what and which type of content you are writing and for which people it is beneficial. Write proper descriptions.

Make your content share-worthy:

 Try to write content that can make a visitor share with others using different platforms. If you are writing content that contains shallow information and user do not like to read and share or bookmark your content, it is a total waste of time.

Google always want interesting content. If your post is being shared multiple times, Google gets a clear indication that your content contains some valuable information.

Write content with no grammatical error:

Make sure your content does not have any grammatical mistakes and also spelling mistakes. Google does not rank those pages as having mistakes.

For this, you can use a web-based tool, named Grammarly. It is the best tool out there to make your content error-free. It comes with the google chrome extension. Thus you can use it with Google docs, WordPress classic editor, and also with WordPress block editor.

If you have done any spelling mistake or any grammatical mistake it will automatically highlight those parts and suggest the correct one.

To know about the free tools that can help you to write an error-free SEO optimized user engaging content read 20 Best Free Blogging Tools.

 Reduce Ads:

 I have seen many of the bloggers put a lot of advertisement on their blog post. It is not user-friendly. Because they do not come to your blog to see your ads. It is just a reward. You have met their query and as a result, if they click any ads you can make money.

Now if you are thinking about your earnings, You can make money from your blog by posting sponsored posts also. If you want to know more about the process of placing sponsored posts to earn money read Review. It is the best way to earn money without Google ads.

Make your blog mobile-friendly:

 The first thing you have to do in your blog design is to make it mobile-friendly. Nowadays maximum users make a search on mobile. So the searches through mobile are increasing day by day.

Google wants that blogs, which are mobile-friendly. If your blog is not mobile-friendly Google never ranks your post on the first page.

To make your blog mobile-friendly you can use AMP plugin. This is a very good plugin to make your blog mobile-friendly.


 In a nutshell, you have to produce fresh and highly engaging in detail content to keep your position on Google. Here I have shared the main updates that are coming from Google and what you can do to save your blog from Google’s core update. If you want to know more about the Google core update read Google webmaster central blog core update.

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

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