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How to Choose a Great Business Name: 7 Proven Tips

Business Name

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Starting a business without a business name is impossible. One of the most challenging steps is to choose the right business name for your business. Choosing a unique and good business name is a little catchy.

In earlier days a couple of businesses failed to grow because of their business name like the name they choose is too long or irrelevant to the business.

A good business name can make your business different from the others. There are almost 3millions of companies are there, which means a lot of brand names. It is very difficult to stand out for a small company in front of big companies like Apple, Amazon, etc.

It is very hard to find a business name. Because according to SBA (Small Business Administration) over 627000 new businesses are opening every year.

So, if you worry, don’t worry because I am here to help you by choosing a creative business name.

Let’s start!

What is a Business Name or Brand name?

A business name is the one that establishes a strong identity in the market and describes what the focus of your business is.

It is not necessary to change the name when a company grows and expand their business in other fields.

Why choose a business name?

Without a business name, it is impossible to recognize a business. The name of your business describes what the main focus of your business is. People remember a business with its name. In a nutshell, a name can make or break your business.

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How to choose a creative business name?

A good brand name can be any number of things:

  • Meaningful- that can make emotion and connection.
  • Visual- that can be communicated through design as a logo.
  • Distinctive- That can stand out from your competitors.
  • Memorable- easy to remember.

Tip: 1 Consider the targeted audience

If you are targeting an audience that might ready to buy a shoe and your brand is like food industries. It is hard to get sales. Try to figure out the audience’s need, their age group, and what service they want.

If you failed to understand step 1 it is hard to go to the next step.

Tip: 2 Select what type of name you want

Some people use their names to the business. It is their vision. An example of this is Adidas. The founder of Adidas is Adolf Dassler. It is a billion-dollar brand.

The next one is acronyms. They are the shortened version of the big names. An example of this KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken, they choose the name because they serve the fried chicken.


  • The name of your business can legitimately describe what your business is, like Indian Airlines.
  • This type of name describes what the company does. They can be boring sometimes but works well.

Suggested names

  • The suggested names are of three types.
  • Real: they are taken straight from the dictionary. Ex- Uber
  • Composite: means to two dictionary words makes one. Ex-Facebook.
  • Invented: Sometimes there are no such words in the dictionary as what comes up with your brand, so you invented one. Ex- Pinterest.
  • Associative: A name that has a metaphorical meaning. Such as Sirius XM.
  • Name derived from another language: Some business names might not make any sense in your language, but they can be meaningful in other languages. Ex- Hulu. It is taken from the Chinese language.

Abstract names

Rolex is the abstract name and it is a billion-dollar brand that represents luxurious things.

Tip: 3 Vision of your company

On selecting the brand name ask yourself, what’s your brand vision? Don’t describe but transform this into a social and emotional appeal.

Like Nike, they describe the winning…

Tip: 4 try simple brand name

Always try to make a simple brand name. Do not go for complex and hard to remember. Like Amazon, Flipkart.

Tip: 5 try to take early taken names

Every country has its business trademark portal. Try to make names from them that is previously taken and now it is available to use again. But keep in mind; do not choose a name that make a negative meaning in any language.

Tip: 6 Do not copy your competitors

Picking a name excessively like different organizations in your industry. It can mean seeming, by all accounts, to be predictable, which can’t for your image picture. It can likewise mean potential clients mistake your business for your opposition making it increasingly hard to get rehash work.

Tip: 7 Choose a scalable name

Pick a name that can grow your business. If you sell just books, you may one day sell stationery items or adornments as well. If your administration depends on a specific territory, you may reach out to different urban areas. Thus, select a wide name that can include your future development.

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How to choose business names as per numerology?

Business name as per numerology
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With Numerology, we can take a gander at the best numerical vitality for your business name. Here is my recipe:

Discover a name that symbolizes you + Finds a ground-breaking articulation number for your business + Market your item + Be persistent in the process = Success.

Let us comprehend the way toward choosing a fortunate business name dependent on numerology:

Include the letter sets in your name including your initials. You will get a two-digit number. By including these two numbers you will get your life way number to find the best names for your business through numerology.

How to choose a domain name related to your business?

When you’ve limited your name choices, you need to ensure the name you need to utilize is accessible. Check if the name is as of now enrolled as a trademark or procured by another business. If you want an online presence you should do a domain name check.

Find your domain now!

powered by Namecheap

A domain name can affect your online presence and impacts your showcasing endeavors too. Here are some tips you can do to find your business domain name.

  • You can go for a parked domain if it relates to your business.
  • You can add some prefixes or suffixes depending on your business if an exact domain name is not available.
  • be creative while choosing a domain name for your business.

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How to choose an E-commerce business name?

ecommerce business name
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Having a solid brand name gives you a quick bit of leeway when you’re first beginning your business.

It’s essential to locate the correct name when setting up your online store to assist it with standing apart from the group. Here are a couple of pointers on the best way to find that executioner’s name.

Tips for choosing a catchy online business name:

  • Keep it short and basic
  • Be unique
  • Think about your online nearness
  • Get innovative with your area name
  • Be unique
  • Find new motivation

Best 5 Business name generator

If you are unable to figure out any name for your business, here you can utilize a business name generator to assist you with thinking of a snappy brand name with an accessible domain.

You can use these 5 awesome business name generator tool to find a perfect business name for you.

Cost to register a business name

Enrolling a trademark for a business name can help secure your image and guarantee that your rivals don’t utilize a comparative name. State trademark enlistment is basic, generally cheap, and offers some insurance inside your state.

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What Are Trademarks?

Business name trademark
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Trademarks comprise plans, images, words, or expressions that recognize the wellspring of items or benefits and recognize them from contenders’ contributions. Business names, logos, and item names would all be able to be secured by trademark law.

If you have framed a constrained obligation organization, company, or other conventional business elements, you have just enlisted your business name in your state.

Shaping a business substance places others on notice that you are utilizing your business name, and no different business element can be framed in your state utilizing a similar name.

Business substance development charges shift from state to state, yet are frequently $150 or less.


Hope after reading this article you will be able to find a great business name for your business that will definitely give a kickstart to your business.

If you have any quires or any doubts please feel free write in the comment section below.

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