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I Bought a new Domain Now what? 11 Amazing Things to do Next

i bought a new domain now what

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You have heard that blogging is the best way to earn money and if you are reading this post then it is obvious that you have already bought a new domain name.

This is a very common question after buying a new domain. Even after buying this domain (, I have the same question.

There are a lot of websites and also YouTube channel that conveys misleading information about it. When I entered the blogging industry I face various challenges and for this I wasted a lot of time to make it perfect.

So, in this article I am going to share the immediate steps you should follow after buying a new domain from my experience.

Bought a new domain? Good!

Let’s start building a money making blog.

Tips: this will help every new blogger to make their first money-making blog without any errors and those are searching the answer of “I bought a new domain now what to do?

Establishing your online presence starts with buying a domain. The very next step is to build a blog and draw online traffic to your blog to make your blog money making machine.

To grow your blog you have to make a plan. Let’s see what you can do with your blog. Here are 11 amazing things to do next.

Benefits of reading this article

If you will read the article from start to end you will be able to know about:

✅ You will get your answer for what to do next after buying a new domain name.
✅ Many things you can do with your domain name.
✅ After buying a domain with which hosting you should go for.
✅ How you can start your blog in a very simple way.
✅ And many other things.

So, you must read the post till end.

I bought a new domain now what- 11 amazing things to do next 

Here is the 10 amazing things you can do with your blog. So let’s start without wasting more time.

1. Choose best web hosting for WordPress blog

To make your blog/website live you need to buy a web hosting. Without a hosting you can’t make your blog.

There are a plenty of web hosting services available. Some are very cheap, some are expensive and some are affordable. Now you might think to go with cheap web hosting, as you are new in this market.

But I suggest you to go with affordable web hosting services. Because with cheap web hosting plan you might face some issues like,

  1. Less uptime
  2. Poor site speed
  3. Large loading time
  4. Poor customer service

If you are serious about blogging and want to make a online presence with a great online income, you should go with affordable web hosting services such as SiteGround.

Now you might be thinking of why to choose SiteGround?

SiteGround is one of the most popular and mostly recommeded web hosting services for its

  1. cheap plan ($6.99/month)
  2. 99.99% uptime
  3. less than 1 seconds site loading time
  4. Excellent customer service.

Check SiteGround Review: Most Detailed and Honest review with Pros & Cons

Here are some reviews, what top players in this industry are saying about SiteGround:

siteground review by wpbeginner
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Siteground review by joost de valk
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Now, from the above review, you might get a clear idea of amazing SiteGround web hosting is. If you want to start a blog with great uptime, less loading time with some amazing premium features at an affordable price go for the SiteGround web hosting services.

Here are steps to buy SiteGround web hosting:

  1. Click on this discount link. This link will redirect you to SiteGround affordable plans sections.
  2. If you are starting your blog for the first time I suggest going with a ‘Startup‘ plan. Or if you have already started a blog and getting some traffic and what to grow your blog, choose ‘GrowBig’ or ‘GoGeek‘ plan.  
siteground plans
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3. Next, ou has to choose a domain name. If you have a domain just put your domain name on “I already have a Domain” or just search for your domain name on “Register a New Domain” and click ‘PROCEED’.

siteground domain choose
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4. In this step, you has to fill up your account details and create an account.

siteground account creation
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5. Next, put your credit card or debit card details to make a purchase.

siteground payment
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6. After that confirm your purchase details and click on “PAY NOW”.

Siteground purchase info
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You are done with purchasing a domain and hosting. It is your first step of blogging journey to make a money making blog.

2. Connect domain with your web hosting

If you have purchased domain and hosting from the same platform, you do not need to do anything. You can skip this step. If not you must read this step.

  1. Go to your domain registrar account
  2. Click on your products
  3. Now here you can see your domain name. Click on the manage domain.
  4. Then click on DNS settings.
  5. Now enter the domain name servers provided by SiteGround and save it.

It takes usually 15 minutes to live your website, but sometimes it took 4 hours.

3. Install WordPress

WordPress is most popular blogging platform for its easy to use interface and also availability of a plenty of plugins. Installing WordPress is very easy.

  1. Just go to your hosting cPanel
  2. Go to apps sections; here you will see WordPress is there click on the WordPress.
  3. Now you have to select your domain and also the WordPress version.
  4. Next, give the site name and site description. you can change this later from the WordPress dashboard also.
  5. Give WordPress login username and password and click on ‘Install WordPress’.

You are done installing WordPress. Now your website is live. If you click on your website URL you can see your website ready to use.

4. Install a WordPress theme

Choosing a right WordPress theme is very important.  At the time of choosing WP theme you have to keep in mind some things as the theme should be

  1. SEO-friendly and also SEO optimized
  2. Light weight and less page loading time
  3. Design free and fully customizable.
  4. Do not use any crack or pre activated themes. Try to use original theme. Because a cracked or nulled theme can break your blogs security. Thus there is a chance of getting hacked.

I suggest using a premium theme. Because premium themes provide tons of different customization options as well as security, customer support, and automatic update options.

Is it necessary to spend for a premium WordPress theme?

A premium theme is designed for bloggers and digital marketers. Who are ready to grow their business using some extra penny. A paid theme can be accessible via any device or any platform.

A premium theme comes with 24×7 live chat support options and unlimited access.

 A paid WordPress theme gets updates regularly. But with the free theme you can’t get this feature.

Now, you might be thinking about what theme you should choose?

My favorite theme is GeneratePress. This blog ( is running on Generatepress theme.

It is the most light weight and seo-friendly themes out theme. It comes with various customization features that can help you to take your blog to the next level.

You must try this theme.

Not only me most of the popular digital marketers are using this theme for their blog to scale their business.

Here what Kulwant Negi, Founder of says about this theme.

Generatepress review by bloggingcage
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So, you can understand the power of this theme. That is why I always suggest this theme. Here is the Generatepress coupon code.

Here is how to install WordPress themes less than a minute.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to appearance then Themes
  3. Download the Premium version with the link provided above and then get back to the theme section of your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Click on Add new
  5. Click on Upload Theme
  6. Click on choose file
  7. Select the premium theme you have just downloaded
  8. Click on Install and then click on Activate.

Hola! You have done with installing premium wordpress theme.

5. Install necessary plugins

After installing the premium themes the next task is to install necessary plugins. WordPress is easy to use for its large number of plugins. Here are some plugins that you need to install.

  1. Rankmath: It is an all in one SEO plugin. It helps to make your blog SEO friendly.
  2. WP Rocket: It is a caching plugin. It is the best plugin out there to clear the cache automatically.
  3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer: It is basically an Image compression tool that helps to compress large images without reducing the quality of the image and speed up your blog.
  4. SocialSnapIt is a social sharing plugin. It adds awesome looking sharing button to your pages or posts. It helps readers to share your content on different social media.

6. Create custom Email with your domain name

You must be thinking creating a custom email is hard and you need to be tech-savvy to create it. But is very easy that you can create it by yourself.

A professional email address is an email address contains your company name, like your domain name instead of any generic name like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

A professional email address can help a lot to promote any business. It ensures more credibility to your audience.

Here is my custom email.

[email protected]

Most of the people like to communicate through email. Professional email helps to build brand popular and people take it as an authority rather than using any personal email address.

Here are some benefits of creating a custom email address

Communicating with the other professionals with your professional email address helps a lot to promote your band name and attracts visitors a lot.

Build a brand name: Brand name is very crucial for any business. A professional email address can do this job easily. When you send an email to your user from your custom email, this will show authority to the users and this will build trust to your audience.

Professional approach: Sending an email with your custom domain makes more sense rather than sending email form any personal email. It looks more professional.

Uniqueness: An email with a custom email address with your company name makes the email more unique. It helps a user to find out your email among all other emails.

So, I always prefer to use a custom email with domain name. If you are serious with blogging business you should go for creating a professional email address.

7. Start publishing content on your blog

Your blog has no value if there is no good and share worthy content. There is a myth in blogging ‘Content is the king’.

Content is the main thing by which you can connect yourself with your audience. And depending on your content user can build their trust on you.

Just writing content is not enough. You content must have those answers that a user is looking for. It should be user engaging, search engine friendly and share worthy. Read here what Google wants in a good content.

Your content must contain these three important things.

Information: your content must have enough information about the topic of the content. Google does not rank any shallow informative pages. Clear and detailed information about the product or services must be included in the content. Try to add some analytics and research on it.

Keywords: Your content must contain keywords that are relevant to the content. Because the keyword is the main thing that can draw traffic on the post. Do not do keyword stuffing. You can use similar to the main keyword.

Call to action: If you are doing digital marketing or affiliate marketing, call to action features is essential. Your motive is to educate people and then sell some products. So your content should be powerful to make a user buy that product. You can add some buttons like ‘Grab it now’, ‘add to cart’ etc.

8. Submit your website’s sitemap to search console

Submitting your blog’s sitemap is very important. It notifies search engines about your online presence.

It is free of cost. To add your website you can use Google search console. It is free and Google’s product.

Now you have to know,

How to submit site to Google Search Console?

For this you need to create an account on Google search console and verify your site. You can do verification with different options.

Check out the step by step guide on submitting sitemap to Google search console.

How to submit site to Bing and Yahoo?

To get more traffic from other search engine you have to submit your blog to bing and yahoo. To submit your site to bing you need bing webmaster tool.

Go to the bing webmaster tool and select sitemaps from the menu. Then put your sitemap into it and verify.

You are done!

9. Promote your site on social media

Social media promotion is very important for every blogger. This is a free traffic source. Most of the people spend their time on social media. So it is a great opportunity to draw some traffic from it.

Not only you get traffic but also you will get famous on social media and this will help your blog to build a brand.

If you are promoting any product you can run facebook ads or instagram ads to generate sales from it.

10. Make a lead generating landing page

If you are doing affiliate marketing, email marketing, or any digital marketing you should make a landing page.

A landing page helps you to build email list. You can use this list to promote any product or service through emails.

To make a beautiful landing page you can use Elimentor or Thrive architect. But my favorite is Elimentor. Its premium features helps a lot to build a super attractive landing page.

This website ( is also using Elimentor to build its landing page.

11. Email automatons

Email automaton is necessary if you want to do email marketing or to grow your traffic on your website.

If you are doing email marketing it is not possible to send personalized emails to everyone one by one manually. Using email marketing tool you can do this job automatic and easy.

An email marketing tool helps you send automated emails to your subscribes that you have created once automatically. Or it also helps to send emails containing your new blog posts automatically.

For this email automaton, I prefer Aweber. This is an online tool that offers a lot of features in email automation service.


A very common question comes into mind in every newbie bloggers, ‘I bought a domain, now what?’. Here I have shared all the possible things you can do if you have the same question.

Just follow the step by step guide to make your blogging journey easier and successful.

If you found this article helpful please show your love by sharing this article with your friends and others who are also looking for the same question ‘I bought a domain, now what?’

FAQs on bought a new domain now what

  1. What is the next step after buying a new domain?

    11 things you can do with a new domain.
    a. Get a web hosting
    b. connect domain with hosting
    c. Install WordPress
    d. Install a premium theme
    e. Install necessary plugins
    f. Create custom email address
    g. Publish content
    h. publish the site to search console
    i. Promote the site to social media
    j. Make a landing page
    k. Email automation.

  2. Where is the best place to buy a domain?

    You can buy a domain from Namecheap, GoDaddy, or any domain registrar.

  3. What happen after buying a new domain & hosting?

    After buying a new domain and hosting your website become live on the internet.

bought a new domain now what?
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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

I created this free checklist for you.

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