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If you have started a blog and want to earn money from your blog you must know that PPC advertising is the best method to make money from blog. You will be paid for your niche, quality and quantity of traffic and number of clicks on the ads.

For PPC advertising the best ad networks out there are Google adsense. But for their harsh rules of approval of blogs many of the bloggers get disappointed of making money from google adsense.

Here comes the best adsense alternative, that is advertising platform. This is a contextual ad network, which comes from Yahoo and Bing together.

Today in this article I am going to share review. Is it good for your website or why you should choose as an adsense alternative? Pros and cons of and how to get approval on

So, let’s start!

What is is a very popular and fastest growing contextual ad network. That allows publishers to put advertisements on their blog to earn money. This ad network is best for those who advertise on Yahoo and Bing. provides advertisements on over 500,000 websites and platforms worldwide. is one of the top 5 ad tech companies. It has a total of 1300+ employees worldwide.

They manage traffic that generates 70+ million paid ad clicks each month. By contrast, at the industry average display CTR of 0.08%.

The best thing about their service is that they show advertisements related to your niche or your post. For example, If you have written a post on laptops, then it will show advertisements related to laptops and their accessories. provide contextual ads. That is why AdSense performs better rather than other advertisement networks. is popular among all small, mid-range, and large bloggers who provide quality and targeted content on their blog. The more you get traffic the more you earn. If you have a good blog and has a minimum number of traffic you can get approval very easily.

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  1. Contextual advertising network: As I have explained earlier provides contextual ads for your blog. So, the click-through rate for this type of ads is very high.

2. Higher revenue: provides quality ads. Thus, depending on your website traffic, you can generate higher revenue. As in some cases, it can generate 3X of google Adsense revenue.

3. Ads optimization for mobile: The best part of its advertisement is mobile ads. They hosted advertisements for exclusively for mobile users. Keeping in mind the increasing mobile users they optimized their ads. Their technology detects automatically a mobile or desktop user and shows ads depending on them. Mobile optimized ads got more impression and the number of clicks is very high.

4. Detailed dashboard: Your dashboard on this platform is very neat and clean and also provides a detailed overview of your services and as well as your earnings. It will also give you extensive reporting and analytics with a complete overview of performance with live tracking.

5. Dedicated account manager: provides a dedicated account manager of everyone, who joins their services. Most of the ad networks do not offer the same. For this, if you have any quarries or facing any issue regarding advertisement services your account manager is there to help you. If you don’t have much knowledge about ad optimization you can take help from your account manager.

6. Run ads for multiple websites: You can run ads on multiple websites from your one account. You don’t have to create multiple accounts for multiple blogs. But one thing is that you have to get approval for each of the websites. This feature will help a lot to manage all website ads from one place.

7. EBDA: You will get access to their programmatic demand at the flip of a switch via EBDA. Also, you will get a dedicated operations team that will ensure you are utilizing their maximum potential.

8. Constant page loading time: If you are thinking about the page loading time of your blog after using their service, nothing to worry about this. Their high-quality programmatic platform optimized all the ads on a page that will never affect the actual page loading time.

9. Easy Implementation of ads: Ads implementation is very easy. You have to just copy and paste snippet or shortcode to your site for every type of ads formats to show ads your site with any additional code and integration.

10. Page-level precision targeting: Their machine learning-based algorithm match the most relevant advertisers to every individual page on your website. Thus, it shows the most relevant advertisements for each and every blog post page according to the content matters.

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Type of ads provide provide different types of advertisement to make your blog monetize. There are mainly three types of ads they normally offer.

  1. Contextual Ads: Their best ads format is highly optimized contextual ad formats. They run ads on your content depending on the type of your content and also the user search keywords. They show ads depending on the searcher’s keywords. Thus, no irrelevant ads will be shown on your content.

This will help a lot to get more clicks on ads and generate more earnings. They took the machine learning on the next level. This format filters the user’s intent via relevant search keywords, resulting in finely targeted ads with more revenue. contextual ads
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2. Native Ads: also provides native ads. Native ads are also following the same user experience on a website. Native ads are the most buying intend ads. They get more clicks and also get the sale.

As an example, if you are writing on the best smartphones, the native ads will show the related smartphones on the ads. Thus, it is totally related to your content.

Native ads are completely customized to the look of your pages for higher user engagement. You also have the option to drive your traffic to contextually relevant articles on your site through the native ads. native ads
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3. Display Ads: They provide the normal display ads to your website. They offer high quality display ads with all major buyer networks like agency trading, horizontal networks, vertical networks and performance networks. display ads
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4. Video Ads: Except the above three ad formats also offer video ads in your content. it is again following the same contextual ads rules. If you are writing on a process or how to oriented content this type of ads has the greater impact.

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Intelligent Programming to maximize your earnings offer the artificial intelligence to your ads to maximize your earnings. Their intelligent programming automatically runs ads that is suitable for your blog content.

Dynamic Ads Optimization: The best things of is its ads optimization features. With help of machine learning program, it continuously tests each and every ad for the highest ROI to the page-level.

Its ads optimization algorithm determines which type of ads is the best for your content and it is done automatically for your each and every article.

For example, you have published a post that is suitable for video ads rather that displaying a text ad. will automatically converts all the text ads on the article to video ads and you have to do nothing for it. Just sit back and enjoy your earnings.

Genius ad design: Their genius ad designs attracts the blog traffic a lot. Because their ads are designed so organically that a user will click on that ads.

If there are no headers or some icons blenders, saying it’s an ad, you can’t understand this is an advertisement.

They show only natural and relevant texts as ads. So, the possibilities to get clicks increases. Also, their ads have very professional looks and non-intrusive.

Greater control: In you can control advertisements on your blog. By influence targeting, you can show ads to the targeted audience. If you want you can block different ad types and you can also filter the advertisements and can choose manually which types of ads you want to show on your blog. ads optimization
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How to use

Here is the step by step process on how you can submit your blog on for approval and after your blog is approved how you can choose ad formats and integrate into your blog. Let’s start.
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Click on the link to go to the signup page of and click on the signup button on the top right corner. create account
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On the next page you have enter the details like your website, phone number and email address. And click on “GET STARTED”. After that you will get an email with account verification details. Verify your account and wait for 2 business days. pub console
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After your blog is approved you will get an email containing account details like username and password. After that login to dashboard to choose the ad formats.

After getting approval move towards creating and manage your ad formats. On the pubconsole dashboard, you will see a tab written “Ad Units”. Just click on this and create your ads for your blog. ad format
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Choose the ad size and give a name to the ad. This will help you later to track individual ad unit’s performance. My recommendation is to go with 300X250 for sidebar and 728X90 for above the content or in between content ads. This is the standard size that every WordPress theme supports.

On the next step choose the skin and colors. continuously make changes on the skins to give you the maximum ROI. And choose a color that matches your website theme color.

Next Save the advertisement and click on “Get Code” to get the snippet or small code that you have to put on your site where you want to show ads. Requirements to approve new websites is one of the highest paid contextual ad networks and one of the most popular adsense alternatives. They prefer quality publisher with great content. has many rules to approve a blog on their network. Some of the rules I have discussed below.

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  • Have contents in English
  • gets most of their traffic from the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Contains no plagiarized content
  • Have updated contents
  • Have a large number of audiences
  • Do not infringe third party property rights
  • Do not include a large number of advertisements
  • Have a minimum number of contents
  • Have navigation-friendly and clean design does not approve websites that:

  • Contains Pornographic, adult or any other illegal content
  • Contains Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, hazardous substances, ammunition, violence, gore, racism content, and gambling
  • that contain offensive content.
  • Contains Violence, hate, racial intolerance, and the advocate against groups or individuals.
  • That promote invalid click activities by paying the users to browse websites
  • Websites that contain discussion boards, forums, chat rooms or any other type of content areas that is open to the public updates without moderation
  • That publish fake news
  • Include software piracy such as torrent, hacking, cracking phreaking or illegal downloads
  • Are hosted on free hosting.
  • Contains Hidden text or links
  • Is under construction or parked pages
  • Manipulative or deceptive content or construction of websites.
  • Websites that redirect web traffic to other websites other than the ones
  • Websites that promote activities as internet abuse, use of spyware, or bulk SMS or mail sending. Payment Methods provide two payment methods. One is wire transfer and other is PayPal. You can choose any of them to receive your payments.

The minimum payment threshold value is $100 that is equivalent to adsense. If you got decent amount of impression and clicks this threshold will be reached very easily.

How add to WordPress blogs

To add advertisement firstly you have to create ad units from ad units’ sections. Then just copy the simple HTML code and place it to your WordPress blog, where you want to show ads.

If you want to show ads on the sidebar sections use Q2W3 Fixed widget plugin to make the advertisement sticky and choose the ad size of 300X250, as it is default for any theme’s sidebar. If needed you can choose other formats also.

Or if you want to show ads in between contents of your blog, use Quick adsense plugin to implement the ad code. You can use standard size of 728X90 for this section. Here also you can choose different size also as per your need.

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Google adsense is a well-known ad company for google. But is the Yahoo and Bing based advertisement company.

You can generate higher revenue than google adsense if you managed getting traffic from US, UK and Canada.

The payment is the same for both of these ad networks and also the threshold values are also the same.

Their text-based and contextual advertisement are the best than google adsense. Thus, the click through rate is much higher is the

Why you should choose as Adsense alternative

If you have already applied for google Adsense and get rejected many times, you can try as your primary ad providing service on your blog. Its rules for approval of any new blog is not too much hard. Most of the well designed and original content containing blogs gets approval easily.

Moreover, the RPM is also very high than google adsense. As the competition is very less in this platform you will get good ROI here.

Or if you have Google adsense approval and most of the traffic on your blog is coming from US, UK or Canada you should definitely use because the RPM rate is very high in

How much pays per 1000 impression

It is very difficult to calculate the exact pay per impression or clicks for any ad networks. As per my experience, I would say that pays $5 per 1000 impression. If you are displaying 3 ads on a page and you are getting 334 views that are about 1000 impressions. At $5 RPM you can make $5 per day and $150 monthly.

But keep in mind that this is not constant every time and also it can fluctuate for different countries and zone. This is an estimate if you are getting traffic from the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

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Pros and Cons of


  • It is free to join.
  • It offers extensive detailed reports and graphs that will help you track the performance of your website or blog on the user dashboard.
  • The Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM) is the best.
  • The ads network offers intuitive advert designs that will blend with the layout of your blog and result in high CTR.
  • Allows you to fix ads or to use sticky sidebars.
  • The customer support is one of the best. After they have approved your website or blog, you will get a dedicated customer representative to your account.


  • The ads require double clicks from your website visitors. means your site visitors have to click on advert twice for you to earn.
  • They do not update the revenue in real time.
  • Requires website traffic from three countries only UK, US and Canada.

Reasons suspend your account

  1. Improper advertisement placement: For the improper placement of the advertisement, the account may be suspended. If you are placing an ad on your website and it is not visible to everyone properly, in this case, your account might be suspended.

2. Invalid traffic: If your website gets real traffic, there is no need to worry about this. But if you use any bot traffic to increase your ads impression, your account will be blocked.

3. Bad website content: If you write anything wrong or illegal content like adult material or any pornographic oriented content, your account will be suspended for that.

Always write legal and original content. You can write on anything that is legal like, Fashion, health, food, and home decoration, make money, marketing, finance, etc.

4. Excessive ads on a page: Your account can be blocked if you exceed the maximum number of allowable ads on a page. allows a maximum of 3 ads on a single page. If you exceed the limit, they will send you a notification and give a time of 48-72 hours to fix the issue. If you do not remove the excess ads from your website within the given time, they will suspend your account.

These are the most common errors for which your account can be blocked or suspended.

Conclusion is the best and popular contextual ad networks except google Adsense. They accept varies niches like Fashion, health, food, and home decoration, make money, marketing, finance, parenting, gardening, etc. If you are able to get traffic from the US, UK, and Canada you should definitely try their service. As the RPM rate is much higher than Google Adsense.

If you fail to make money for any reason you can contact your account manager, they will help you to make different strategies to make money with their platform by running active display ads on your website.

In my opinion, if you are looking for some extra income from your blog with the AdSense you can use as a secondary ad network. Or if you are not getting approval from Google Adsense you can use as a primary ad network.

FAQs on

  1. Can I use with Google Adsense?

    Yes, you can use with Google Adsense, and google also recommend it. Here is the opinion of Google. Adsense is best for banner ads and is best for content inline ads. But make sure to disable all ads before applying for Google Adsense if you are using

  2. How much pays per 1000 impression? pays $5 per 1000 impression. If you are displaying 3 ads in a page and you are getting 334 views that is about 1000 impression. At $5 RPM you can make $5 per day and $150 monthly.

  3. Is better than Adsense?

    opinion if you are looking for some extra income from your blog with the AdSense you can use as a secondary ad network. If you are able to get traffic from the US, UK, and Canada you should definitely try their service. As the RPM rate is much higher than Google Adsense.

  4. What is the best alternative to Adsense? is the best alternative to Adsense. If you’re looking for the most effective Adsense Alternative you can use as the pay per impression and clicks are higher than Google Adsense.

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

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