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SEMrush Free Trial: SEMrush Guru Account Free For 7 Days

SEMrush 7 day free trial

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If you are looking for SEMrush free trial?

you are in the right place. In this article, I will help you to grab the SEMrush 7 day trial for free.

If you are finding the right keywords for your website to beat other websites by spying on another website, the most popular and most reliable keyword research tool is SEMrush.

Although it is paid software you can get SEMrush 7 day free trial. Yes! It is a golden chance for all bloggers to grab their service free for 7 days.

So, let’s discuss how you can get SEMruch free trial for 7 days.

But before going to the main section, here are the overview services SEMrush offer, that most of the people aren’t aware.

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Click on the Button to get started with SEMrush free trial for 7 days

SEMrush At a Glance

TypeSEO tool
Starting price$9.95/mo
Features1. Competitive research
2. Keyword research
3. Link building
4. Rank tracking
5. On-page and tech SEO
6. Crawl audit tool
7. Content analyzer
8. Advertising research
9. Lead generation
Competitors1. Ahrefs
2. Moz
3. Spyfu

Features Offered by SEMrush

I am using SEMrush for a long time and I must say it is the most profitable and have tools if you want to grow in blogging and to compete with your competitors.

This tool will never let you down, if you invest some money to this tool. They offer tons of features:

  • Domain Analytics: In the domain analytics section you can get a full report of any domain with just one click. You will get the total traffic, backlinks, keywords, and other kinds of stuff of any domain.

Also, you can find the keyword gaps between two domains and can plan an article for your site with that keyword.

  • Keyword Research: With the keyword research tool offered by SEMrush you can find thousand of profitable low competition keywords for your blog.

One best thing in their keyword research tool are Keyword Magic Tool. You have to put just the seed keyword and SEMrush will show all the related keywords for that seed/parent keyword.

  • Content Analyzer: With the help of a content analyzer you can analyze your content’s on-page SEO score and it will give a detailed report of the on-page result of the content.
  • Competitor keyword research: with the help of this feature you can spy on your competitor’s website to find out the keywords list, which is secreting of that website ranking on Google.
  • Competitor backlink analysis: This tool also gives you the freedom to check all the backlinks and the quality of the backlinks of any website on the internet.

This will help you a lot to build your strategy of making backlinks for your website.

  • Gap Analysis: This feature help a lot to analyze the traffic, backlinks and keywords gap between two competitors website.
  • Advertising research: This will help you to find out the ad keywords that any site is targeting.
  • SEO Writing Assistant: With the SEO writing assistant and SEO writing template you can craft a perfect SEO-friendly content for your blog.
  • Lead Generation tool: SEMrush also offers lead generation tool to make your website visitors to customer.

And much more.

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Why do your really need SEMrush?

To get success in the internet marketing field you have to stay ahead of your competitors. For this choice of the right keyword with the highest search intent, the highest CPC, and the lower competition is very important. That will drive massive traffic to your blog posts and the large traffic means more income.

For this SEMrush is the best tool. It gives you detailed insights into the keywords that are being searched on the internet and moreover it also shows for what keywords your competitors are getting more traffic.

Also by using their keyword gap feature you can easily compare your website with any website that you want. It surely gives you a great idea of the content and the keywords that you can use in your blog posts to take additional advantage.

You can search for details about keywords, domains, or specific URLs.

For example, here is what I get when I search for “Social media marketing”:

semrush keyword research
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Here you can see SEMrush is showing the global as well as the different country wise total search volume with keyword difficulty and the CPC of this keyword. If we go a little bit deeper,

semrush keyword research keywords
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You can see SEMrush gives all the possible keywords in different formats like, Keyword variations, Questions and Related keywords with the search volume. This the most useful feature of SEMrush. The database of SEMrush is large so you will get a bunch of varieties keywords related to your search query.

semrush keyword research serp result
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SEMrush also provides the SERP result. that will help you to understand which post is ranking on the google search result. This will give you a clear idea of which type of post is ranking. By analyzing it you can easily create or modify your content.

It is cool. Right? planning to grab a SEMrush account? here is the step bt step process how you can get SEMrush GURU or Pro account 7 days for free.

How to Activate SEMrush Free Trial or How to Get SEMrush for Free?

Although SEMrush is a paid tool now SEMrush is giving 7 days free trial for every new customer.

I have a partnership with SEMrush to provide BloggingStacks readers exclusive deal on SEMrush.

So, just follow the steps below to grab the free SEMrush trial.

STEP 1: Click on the discounted link to grab the free trial of SEMrush.

STEP 2: Click on the “START YOUR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL NOW” button to get started. After clicking on the button you will be redirected to the account creation page.

SEMrush Account Creation
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STEP 3: Here you have to put your email address and password to create an account on SEMrush and click on “Create your SEMrush Account”.

SEMrush Plans and Pricing
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STEP 4: Here you have to choose the plan. They offer two plans Pro and Guru. You can choose as per your need. Now click on the “Get Your Free Trial” button to proceed further.

The differences between these two plans are explained below.

  • Save

STEP 5: Now in this page fill up all the details and give your credit card number to check out.

And finally click on the “Place the Order” button.

Hola! Now you can enjoy their service for 7 days.

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How to upgrade SEMrush free trial account to SEMrush GURU trial or PRO?

If you already have a SEMrush free trial account with SEMrush (which you absolutely should), you can upgrade and still get the 14-day free trial. All you need to do is login to your SEMrush free trial account and click on the link.

You can cancel SEMrush trial anytime you want. There is no obligation to continue once the trial period is over. You can get SEMrush GURU free trial for 7 days without any credit card.

However, I think that any serious internet marketer will not cancel their subscription after realizing how amazing this tool is. It’s one of my must-have SEO tools, and I recommend it to every internet marketer of any online business.

So grab your free trial now!

Which SEMrush Plan is the Best?

SEMrush offers three plans for their customers. Pro plan, Guru and Business plan.

Let’s discuss about the plans one by one.

Pro Plan

It is the basic plan offered by SEMrush. This plan starting from $99.95/mo.

This plan is suitable for For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget.

With this plan, you can

  • Analyze Competitors Strategy
  • Manage Social Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • On-Page & Technical Optimization Insights

Guru Plan

This is the mid-range plan offered by SEMrush. This plan starting from $199.95/mo.

This plan is suitable for SMB and growing marketing agencies.

With this plan, you can do

  • Content Effectiveness Audit
  • Topic Research
  • Content Optimization on-the-go
  • Brand Reputation Monitoring
  • Compare performance across different devices & locations
  • Historical Data
  • Branded PDF Export

Business Plan

This is the higher end plan offered by SEMrush. This plan starting from $399.95/mo.

This plan is suitable for agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence.

With this plan you can do

  • API Access
  • White Label Reports
  • Custom Dashboards with native GDS connectors
  • PLA analytics
  • Crawl Large Websites
  • Project Sharing with free users
  • AMP pages audit
  • Sharing Report Templates

So, as you can see above the Pro and Guru plan are the most popular and affordable plan. So, you might be thinking about what to choose?

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What you should choose SEMrush Pro or SEMrush Guru?

Here is the detailed comparison between SEMrush Pro and SEMrush Guru plan.

SEMrush pro and SEMrush guru plan difference
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The only difference you can see in this comparison is the number of limits. You will get more limits and more search results per day on the SEMrush Guru plan rather than the SEMrush Pro plan.

Except this approximately all other features are same on both two plans. Now It is up to you. Depending on your usage you can choose the right plan for you.

You can read the comparison in detail from here.

Click on the Button to get started with SEMrush free trial for 7 days

Want to know more about SEMrush keyword research? Check out this video:

FAQs On SEMrush Free Trial

  1. How to activate SEMrush free trial?

    To activate SEMrush free trial you have to click on the link and follow the steps I have explained in this article.

  2. How to cancel SEMrush free trial?

    You can cancel your free trial account after the free trial is over. Go to the dashboard and then go the subscription page to cancel.

  3. SEMrush free trial without credit card?

    No. SEMrush does not allow to buy any free trial or any of their plans without credit card. But a good news is that after registered you can simply delete your credit card.

  4. Which SEMrush plan is suitable for beginners?

    For beginners SEMrush Pro plan is the best. As it offers most of the features.

  5. What feature do I get on SEMrush free trial?

    SEMrush offers all pro features in the free trial.As like the paid ones. From keyword research to competitor analysis, you can use all the features in the trial.

  6. What is SEMrush free trial?

    Although SEMrush is a paid tool, now SEMrush is offering a free 7-day trial to its customers to explore all its features.

  7. How to cancel SEMrush free trial?

    You can cancel SEMrush free trial anytime after the free trial validity. There is no need for any credit card for SEMrush account creation. So, if you don’t want to use SEMrush just no need to activate it again.

  8. How long is SEMrush trial?

    With a free SEMrush account you get 14 days free trial that has only limited access to the main resource. But if you want to use SEMrush GURU or pro account free for 7 days read the post to activate.

  9. Is there any SEMrush free plan?

    No. SEMrush has no free plan. If you create an account you will get 14 days free trial with limited access to the resources and if you want to access the SEMrush GURU or pro account free for 7 days read the post to activate.


SEMrush is the best tool to spying on your competitors and to explore tons of profitable and low competition keywords in less than a minute.

Even with the SEMrush free trial you can access all of their paid features for 7 days.

So, do not waste the opportunity to use SEMrush free 7 day trial. Use it extnsively for 7 days and get emiresive result.

If you have any query please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will try my best to solve your query.

And if you know someone who can benefit from two free weeks of SEMrush, share this post with them!

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

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I created this free checklist for you.

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