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SEO for Hindi Website: 10 steps for SEO of Hindi Blog

seo for hindi blogs

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Language is not a barrier to blogging. You can start blogging in any language. It can be in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, or any other regional languages.

If you have any Hindi blog or any blog on regional languages you might face some problems regarding the SEO of that blog. I found a limited blog or videos on the SEO of the Hindi blog. All the information shared here is very shallow. No detailed information is there.

So in this article I am going to share all the possible ways to SEO optimize your hindi blog or any regional language blogs.

Let’s start!

How to do SEO of Hindi Blogs or Any Regional Website

Competition in the Hindi blogs in much lower. Even now Google is also promoting the local blogs. So if you start a regional language blog it will grow fast and can make a place on the first page of Google. Follow the instructions of the on-page SEO of Hindi blogs below.

Choose right domain:

If you are starting a blog in Hindi or any regional language try to buy .in domain. Because your targeted country is India and you are targeting only Indian traffic. .com or .net will not be fruitful for you.

domain name for hindi blogs
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Here you can clearly understand why I am suggesting .in domain. The popular news website is using .in domain as their targeted traffic is India.

It will also help Google bot to understand that your blog is only for India. It will help a lot in the on-page SEO of hindi blog.

Use Latin character (English) for your URL:

Many of the people does the mistake that, they make the URL of their post in hindi. Try to make the URLs of all pages, categories or posts in English or hinglish.

Because when you are using Hindi in the URL many of the browsers are not be able to encrypt the Hindi language in English.  As well as Google bot will not be able to under the URL.

Define language in HTML/code:

To help Google bot to understand your blog’s language you can add a HTML code in the home page of your blog. This will send a notification to google bot that this website is written in hindi language.

So, whenever anyone searched for any content in Hindi Google will promote your blog for that search result.

language code in html for hindi blog to do seo for hindi website
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As this website is in hindi language you can see a HTML code of language is added on the home screen. It gives a clear idea to Google bot that this website is in hindi.

For this just add <html lang=”hi”> on the home page of your website. If you have another language website you can check W3Schools for different language shortcodes.

Use both hindi and English for title:

For any title in the Hindi blog always use both Hindi and English language. Try to put your targeted keyword in English. It gives a clear idea about your keyword to the Google bot that the keyword here is explained in Hindi or any regional language.

Use English or hinglish for meta description:

Meta description is important for any blog or website. Meta descriptions send a clear notification to Google bot about the content of that post or page. So while writing meta description of any hindi blog you can use English as well as hindi.

For better SEO try to put your keyword in the meta description in a form of sentence. Do not do keyword stuffing.

hindi blog meta description
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Here you can see one of the most popular news website uses the English and hindi both language in the meta description as well as they include keywords.

Use proper tags in English:

Tag is a very important part of SEO. Always use proper tags for any content. Use keywords in the tags in a clever way. For Hindi blogs use English or Hinglish to put tags on it. Sometimes your tags can also be ranked for any particular keyword. So it is recommended to use tags in your content.

Give Alt tags for all the images:

Alt tags play a very important role in the SEO. Always put alt tags in the images of your blog. Alt tags are the best place to put your keywords and optimize the images for your blog.

Images of your blog can drive a large amount of traffic on your blog. If your blog is not on the first page of Google, but also you can get traffic.

So it is necessary to add alt tags in the images of your blog. Use English in the alt tags.

Types of keywords you should target:

For the Hindi website you should target Hindi based keywords. You should not target pure English based keywords. Because English keywords are already ranked for other English websites and the competition for those keywords will be very high.

Moreover the readers of your website will be those, who are searching for any content in hindi only. You are targeting those audiences.

So, you should target India specific keywords and hindi oriented keywords. These will help you to rank on the first page of Google easily. 

Let’s see the comparison between targeting English keyword and local or country wise keyword. After seeing this comparison you can understand why you should target local or country wise long-tail keywords for your Hindi or any regional language blogs.

keyword research in english
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Here you can see I search for a keyword ‘weight loss’ and you can see here the competition. All this keywords are already targeted by most of the blogs that are in English.

keyword research in hindi
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But in this search result you can see we seach for the keyword ‘weight loss in hindi’. Here the search volume is low but all are targeted traffic and the competition is close to zero.

So, if you target low competition long-tail keyword, your blog will grow soon and rank on Google also.

There are many tools you can use to do keyword research for hindi blogs such as Semrush, Ahref,, ubersuggest . But my favorite is Semrush keyword research tool.

Write posts in hindi or hinglish language:

While writing post you can use hindi. But in some cases if you use hinglish language it will be more SEO-friendly. Use your keywords in English. Because when Google bot comes to your site and scan the total article it will recognize the keywords in English.

So, for any keyword that is used in your content Google will automatically show your post in the search result of that keyword.

Insert your targeted keywords in the posts as well as in the h2, h3, h4, h5. This will help your blog to make more SEO optimized.

Use similar words to your targeted keyword. This will help your article to rank for other different keywords similar to the main keywords.

Internal linking:

Internal linking is the mast to do step in on-page SEO of any hindi blogs. Always do internal linking with your old posts to the newly published posts. It will pass a link juice from one content to another content.

When Google bots come to your content it will automatically gets a route to go to your other content. Thus it helps a lot to rank other contents as well.

Internal linking helps a lot to increase user engagement. For example, a user came to your post. He reads your posts and from the internal links he can jump over another post. As a result he is spending more time in your blog.

From this Google gets a clear indication that your blog might have good information that a user is spending time on your blog. This will help a lot to grow your blog and also get ranked in the Google search.


Regional language blogs are increasing day by day and Google is also promoting with local search results. Here are all steps that you can follow to grow your Hindi blogs. I am sharing the tips on SEO for Hindi website from my personal experience. If you have more suggestions or any query please feel free to comment below.

FAQs on SEO of Hindi website

1.   What can a Hindi blogger do for SEO?

In the post above I have shared all the possible things a Hindi blogger can do for SEO. Use .in domain, make your blog posts URL in English, put any HTML code in the main page defining your blog language, use Hindi and English in the blog post title, use meta descriptions in Hinglish and put keywords in English, use alt tags, do proper keyword research and do internal linking.

2.   My blog is in Hindi. How can I do SEO for the same as topics are searched in English?

If your blog is in Hindi, nothing to worry about it. All the keywords are in English or in Hinglish. Put your keyword in English in the title and other headlines and use those keywords in your content in English.
You can write posts in Hindi and English mixed. Also do keyword research for the Hindi blog. Read the post for better knowledge.

3. What are the best SEO tips for my new Hindi blog?

In the above post I have covered all the possible ways to do SEO of a Hindi blog. If you are new in blogging in Hindi read the post.
In a nutshell you have to use both Hindi and English in your post title, have to put keywords in the post in English, post permalink should be in English, do keyword research for Hindi blogs, and do internal linking.

4. How to do SEO of my Hindi website to rank in Google?

Competition of blogging in the Hindi or any other regional language is close to zero. So if you do proper keyword research and do on-page SEO in your Hindi blog as I have shared earlier your blog will automatically rank in Google. You do not have to put any extra effort to rank your post.

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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

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