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How to start a Powerful Money Making Blog in 10 step

How to start a blog

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This is the time for making money online and the digital growth of the business is increasing day by day.

You have heard that blogging is one of the most successful ways to make a huge amount of money for a lifetime. A lot of people search on the internet on how to start a blog to make a living from home.

If blogging is your passion then there are passive income opportunities for you.

Purpose of starting a blog varies for everyone:

  • Sharing experience and ideas
  • Writing thoughts on different topics
  • Making reviews of products or services to help others
  • Making money and an extra source of passive income

You might be one of the above who is passionate about blogging. So, start blogging today to achieve your goals.

Blogging has changed so many blogger’s life. Let me show you an example of a very renowned blogger John Lee Dumas.

Blog income report
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You can see John Lee Dumas is making an average of $1500,000 per year by doing affiliate marketing and selling courses online. If he can do so why not you? Motivate yourself to do big.

Top Bloggers Quote about Blogging:

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It is a very simple process to start a blog and I will guide you to start a blog that will make money for you. In this process, there are 10 steps involved. It is the step by step guide of starting a blog for beginners.

Blogging needs both theory and practical knowledge, so read the post carefully and start taking action.

Here are all the steps to start your first blog that will generate $10000 per month:

  • Step 1: Choose a successful blogging niche
  • Step 2: Select the blogging platforms
  • Step 3: Pick a domain name & powerful hosting for your blog
  • Step 4: Install WordPress on your blog and do necessary settings
  • Step 5: Design your blog
  • Step 6: Install must-have plugins
  • Step 7: Post your first article and add some must-have pages
  • Step 8: Share your post on social media
  • Step 9: Monetize your blog
  • Step 10: Drive traffic to generate more income

Let’s understand these step by step.

My suggestion is to take immediate action side by side reading the article for a better result in your blogging journey.

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How to Start a Powerful Money Making Blog from Scratch with no experience

If you are new in the blogging industry and you don’t have any knowledge and skills to start a blog, I am confident that you will be able to start your first blog with reading this blog.

Now, you might be thinking about what is the benefits of starting a blog?

There are multiple purposes for which you should start a blog. Here are some of these.

  1. Opportunity to earn passive income: If you are doing any 9 to 5 jobs and want to make some passive income, then blogging is the best way to do the same.
  1. Work from home opportunity: If you do not want to do 9 to 6 jobs and want to work from home. Blogging is the best option you should choose.
  1. Business growth: If you run a business and want to promote your products online, blogging is the best way to do so. you can write about your product why this product is good as compared to others, why people should buy your product and how your product can make their life easy.
  1. Self-branding: You can build your own brand. You can make people teach and can help them to their blog also. If you can make your name in the blogging industry you can be a digital marketing coach.

So, just take actions that I have shared here step by step.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Choose in what niche you are passionate about

 Choosing a blogging niche is one of the most important steps in blogging. Most of the bloggers fail or quit blogging due to their choice of niche.

Before days blogging can be done on any random topics and can generate profits from it, but in 2020 it is obsoleted. Now Google does not rank those niches.

Or you might be thinking of some mixed niche blogs. But also here is the same problem.

The shortage of content creators is there in the old days. But nowadays Google has over 1.3 billion content creators. So, Google needs only those blogs that can solve queries for every specific niche traffic.

So, it is high time to start a blog on a micro niche or a single topic.

For example, Travel is a very big niche. You can start a blog on the sub-niches like travel bags, travel shoes, best must-carry accessories for travelers, etc.

Tips to choose a blogging niche:

  1. Before choosing a blogging niche you have to identify these four qualities inside you:
Blogging niche selection
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These things can help you choose a niche that suits you. Let me explain this:

Passion: Your passion can be your blogging niche. You can be passionate about anything like fishing, gardening, cooking. If you choose your niche depending on your passion you will never get bored from it.

Skills: You can use your skills in choosing a blogging niche. Let assume you are a graphic designer. You can help people who are looking for graphic designers or designing. You can learn graphic design digitally.

Knowledge: if you have a vast knowledge of anything you can start a blog on this. Like you have knowledge of marketing or trading. You can help by making marketing strategies for people or small business charging a little amount.

Fear: Your fear can be your blogging niche. Let assume you feared to be in front of the camera. This fear can motivate you to make a blog on how to overcome the fear of facing the camera.

2. Always try to choose those topics having good search potentials.

3. Choose those topics that can generate revenue for you.

Here are some blog ideas that you can start in 2020 and these are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing and AdSense. you can

  1. Start a fashion blog
  2. start a food blog
  3. start a relationship blog
  4. start a health blog
  5. start a travel blog
  6. start a gardening blog
  7. start a hiking blog
  8. start a photography blog
  9. start a history or biography blog
  10. start a home school blog.

Are you still confused? you can read 5 easy steps to find your profitable blogging niche.

Step 2: choose the best blogging platform

There are many blogging platforms available. But the two most popular platforms are and You can start a blog without money and also investing some penny.

So How you will choose? Here is a simple comparison between free blogging platforms and also paid blogging platforms.

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In the above comparison, you can clearly see that WordPress is a more convenient way of blogging.

According to a survey published by Netcraft around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress which is 20% of total self-hosted websites. Check the new WordPress features here.

Step 3: Pick domain name & hosting for your blog

 Domain Name

 Another crucial part is choosing a great domain name. Your blogging success depends on your domain name. A domain name is the URL of your blog which is used to open a blog. A domain name is just like a brand or business name. So, keep attention while choosing a business/domain name.

For example

What makes your domain great:

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Easy to type
  3. Easy to say
  4. Avoid using numbers
  5. 15 characters or less
  6. Describes the blogging niche
  7. Try to have a .com domain

For this custom domain we pay $9 per year. However, you can lower this cost. You can get a free .com domain for 1 year from here.

Or if you just want to buy a domain name go to Namecheap Domain Name Search to check the availability of your domain name. Put any keyword or name on the search box and it will show all the available domain names. Buy according to your choice.

Just try to avoid .net, .info, .co this type of extensions. They affect search engine rankings. I always prefer .com or .org.

You can get help Domain name generator websites to broaden your domain name ideas.

If you are using a blogger, primarily you need not buy any domain because it provides a free domain with a sub-domain.

My recommendation is if you want to start a passive income through your blog buy a custom domain. Google prefers custom domains rather than sub-domains.

Find your domain now!

powered by Namecheap

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 To start a blog you need hosting. Hosting is a storage space where all of your website files stored and WordPress will be installed.

To host a WordPress site you can choose a Linux based web hosting service or a managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is suitable for a non-techy person, who do not want to take the hassle of managing everything from cPanel. Here is our WP Engine review, the best-managed WordPress service provider.

You need to choose to host wisely. There are many cheap web-hosting companies available. But you have to choose depending on the following features:

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Unlimited storage space
  4. 9% server uptime
  5. Easy to use Cpanel
  6. 24X7 Live chat support
  7. A free domain name for 1 year
  8. 30 days money-back guarantees.

All of these you will get on Bluehost hosting. They provide hosting services at a cheap price of $2.95/month.

Here is the Bluehost speed test result:

Bluehost speed test
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Here you can see the page loading time is less than 1 sec. that is faster than 90% of all tested sites. Even if the traffic is increased the server response time is also stable. So, if you want to host your blog or business website, this is the best web hosting for small business or blogging.

Don’t take my word only, here is a real review about Bluehost.

bluehost review
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Let’s see how you will start a blog with Bluehost.

  1. Go to
  2. Click here on “Get Started”
bluehost sign up
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3. Select the plans here. My recommendation is to choose the Basic Plan if you are new in blogging or you can choose the others as well.

bluehost hosting plans
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4. On the next page search for your domain name and buy it for free for 1 year. Or if you have a domain name already type your domain name on the ‘I have a domain name’ section and click on “Next”.

bluehost domain name search
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5. Fill all the details needed here and check your package information. You can also edit package extras. You can uncheck all the elements.

6. Then fill your payment information. You can pay via credit card and debit card or Paypal.

7. Check the terms & conditions and privacy policy box below and click on “Submit”.

bluehost checkout
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You have successfully purchased domain and hosting.

Did you buy your first domain and hosting? If yes go for the next step or just go and get one.

If you want to save some money on buying web hosting the Black Friday deal is one of the most popular deals on the internet. Check Bluehost Black Friday deal to get the maximum discount.

Step 4: Install WordPress on your blog and do necessary settings

Now, Click on ‘Log In‘ button to start installing WordPress on your blog.

bluehost Log-In
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Bluehost provides several blog design options, but simply scroll to the bottom and click ‘Skip This Step‘ 

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WordPress is now installed. Simply click ‘Start Building‘ button to go to your new blogging dashboard.

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The blog setup part is always exciting stuff for any newbie blogger. All are set here and your blog is live now. You can check by typing your blog URL.

Here you have to do some necessary settings to let your blog well optimize and perform better.

To setup WordPress just you need two things.

  1. Your website’s URL
  2. 2. WordPress username & password. (that you have created at the time of WordPress installation)

To login to your WordPress dashboard type your blog domain name followed by wp-admin.php.

As an example, If your blog URL is then type> enter your WordPress username and password.

Hola! you are ready to go.

WordPress necessary settings:

  1. Delete default page and post (Posts>All posts/Pages>All pages)
  2. Set your timeline (Settings>General)
  3. Set WordPress discussion and comments (Settings>Discussion)
  4. Update ping lists (Settings>writing)
  5. Set media settings all to ‘zero’ (Settings>Media)
  6. Setup permalinks from ‘Default’ to ‘Post name’ (Settings>Permalink)
  7. Add Google analytics code
  8. submit your blog to the Google search console

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Step 5: Design your blog

 A quick recap!

  • ✅Blogging niche-done!
  • ✅Blogging platform-done!
  • ✅Domain & hosting-done!
  • ✅Installing WordPress and necessary settings-done!

The next part is to choose a theme for your blog and customize it. The design of your blog is another crucial part. Because user retention depends on how your blog looks and how easy to navigate all options and menus.

There are plenty of free and premium WordPress themes available. But I always prefer to use premium themes. Because they provide lifetime support and guide to start manual.

Moreover, most of the free themes are nulled. Thus there is a chance of being hacked and malware can affect your blog.

Here are some modern themes you can use for your blog:

  1. GenaratePress (Bloggingstack is using the theme.)
  2. Genesis
  3. Astra Themes
  4. Elegant Themes

To install themes go to WordPress dashboard> Appearance> Themes> Add new> Select your theme in Zip file> Install now> Activate theme.

GeeneratePress is my one of the most favorite themes out there, because of their layout design, SEO friendliness and also for easy customization process. If you want to customize pages like my website, I recommend using a page builder to design your blog.

Step 6: Install WordPress Plugins

 There are plenty of WordPress plugins out there. But you need to install the following plugins I have to recommend. That will do your job done.

Must-have plugins for a new blogger:

  1. RankMath: It is an SEO plugin. Old blogs use Yoast SEO plugins, but the features of this plugin tend bloggers to move to RankMath.
  2. W3 Total Cache: It is the best plugin out there in terms of clearing cache and seeps up to your blog.
  3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer: It is basically an Image compression tool that helps to compress large images without reducing the quality of the image and speed up your blog.
  4. Easy table of contents: It helps to show all the heading in one place, so any reader of your blog can jump to any part of the article directly.
  5. SocialSnap: It is a social sharing plugin. It adds awesome looking sharing button to your pages or posts. It helps readers to share your content on different social media.
  6. WpForms: It is the best contact form builder plugin. It provides drag and drops form building facilities.
  7. Jetpack by WordPress: Jetpack is owned by WordPress. It helps to show related posts below your blog post and make the post search engine friendly.

Except for these plugins, there are many online tools, which will help you a lot in blogging. To know more about these awesome free tools read Free blogging tools for new bloggers.

Step 7: Post your First blog post

Now, this is the part where you can show your creativity and skills. Writing a blog post is the main thing in blogging because the content is the king of your blog.


how to write a blog post:

First sketch what you are going to write. Without planning your content you will not be able to write an SEO friendly and user engaging blog post.

For this, you can use Microsoft Excel or you can use the Trello content planing board.

Then do massive keyword research. Because the keyword is everything of your blog as well as post. To do keyword research I recommend using the SEMrush Keyword analyzer toolThis is the best tool out there. Even I also use this tool.

You can get SEMrush GURU account free for 7 days here.

Navigate to the dashboard of your WordPress blog> Posts> Add new.

  1. Give the title of your blog post by analyzing the headline strength.
  2. Write some introductory content
  3. Give an H2 heading related to your post
  4. Write the total content
  5. Add some pictures
  6. Assign a category
  7. Edit your permalinks
  8. Add a featured image.
  9. Add some tags
  10. Publish the post.

Things to keep in mind while writing the blog post:

  1.  Try to write 1000+ words content.
  2. Format your content with bold, italic, and underline.
  3. A single paragraph must be of a maximum of 4-5 lines.
  4. Use h2, h3, h4, h5 sub-headings in your article.
  5. Use relevant copyright-free images.
  6. Do not write any fake information.
  7. Try to write in detail.
  8. Do not do keyword stuffing.
  9. You can embed videos into your post.
  10. Keep your blog post easy to read and easy to understand.

Always try to write the post in an active voice. The best way to write, just imagines you are talking with someone and how you make the person understand to write those in your blog.

Do not make any grammatical errors or any spelling mistakes.It affects the SEO of your blog and as well as ranking in Google.

To get rid of these errors you can use Grammarly, a web tool that can help you to minimize grammatical or spelling errors. Even I use this tool You can use this tool for free. But there are some limitations in the free version. Check our review on Grammarly.

To get full features of this tool you need to buy premium pack of Grammarly.

Here is the detailed information to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

Add Must have pages

You need to add some pages that are important and necessary for your blog.

Here it is:

  1. About: This page contains all the information about your blog and as well as you.
  2. Contact: This page will contain the information of your contact like email address, social handles.
  3. Privacy Policy: Here you have to disclose all the information about what and why you are collecting user data and how you maintain those data privacy and some legal documents.
  4. Disclaimer: It is the page where you are saying that you are not legally responsible for something that you have done in your blog.

Step 8: Share your post on social media

Starting a blog without social media is next to impossible. Because without making your social identity it is difficult to grow your blog. After writing the post it is necessary to join readers to your blog. Share your post on different social media networks. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Sharing your post will drive traffic on your post at the initial stages. This will increase your blog authority and page views.

  • Create a page on Facebook.
  • Create a Twitter handle.
  • Create board pins on Pinterest.

Step 9: Monetize your blog for passive income

 There are many ways to monetize your blog. Bloggers make money from their blogs in different ways.

According to a survey it has been seen that most bloggers monetize their blogs through Advertising, Sponsorships, and Affiliate marketing. Here are the survey stats for your better understanding.

  • Save

Now, Here is the list of some monetization methods:

  1. Adsense: This the most popular and convenient way to monetize. Most of the bloggers prefer AdSense for their income primarily. It is offered by Google itself.

Some rules and regulations are there to be approved by Google Adsense. Some of these are:

  1. Your blog has to be well designed and easy to use.
  2. Need minimum 20+ blog posts
  3. Blog posts should be copyright free
  4. Blog posts should not contain any sexual content.
  5. Blog post should be 1000+ words
  6. Your blog should not contain any movie downloading or piracy content.
  7. A blog should have the necessary pages that I have covered earlier.

You can go through Google Adsense Terms and Conditions for more information.

Some of the bloggers become frustrated after getting the rejection email from Google Adsense because the rules, terms & conditions of Adsense are very strict. So, if you want an alternative to Google Adsense you may try, this is one of the popular Adsense alternatives.

  1. Affiliate marketing: Your main motive is to earn bread and butter from your blog. So, start a blog and become an affiliate marketer. It is the best way to generate huge money from your blog. The potentiality in affiliate marketing is huge and increasing day by day.

Affiliate marketing is a way to generate revenue by selling some products or services on behalf of the company.

If you are in the product or service review niche you can promote those products or services through your blog that may help your reader. In return, the company will pay you a decent commission on it.

To get paid from affiliate marketing you need to register for some payment solutions. You can check these 5 best methods to get paid from affiliate marketing with lower transactional fees.

Keep in mind:

  1. For this, you have to build an authority
  2. Do not spam in your links
  3. Do not promote bad products or services
  4. Try to promote those products or services that you have used in your life.

The next on my list is:

  1. Sponsorship: It is another way to make money form your blog. You can promote any product or services in return for some commission. Many companies promote their products through top bloggers. Because they have a huge fan base and online authority. is a great marketplace to get sponsorships from different brands. Read Flyout review here.

Keep in mind:

 Before taking sponsorship to try to use those products or services.

  1. The product must not be illegal in your country.
  2. Check whether the product is valuable for your audience or not.
  3. Do not give biased reviews.
  4. Do not fill your blog with sponsorship.
  5. Promote your own product or services: you also can promote your own products or services. Let’s say you are a graphic designer. You can promote your work.

Make a portfolio of your work including:

  • what service you offer
  • what people get extra from you
  • How this will benefit your readers
  • charges for different work
  • For which you have already worked for etc.

This makes your audience buy services or products from you and you can make a lot of money.

  1. Sell Shout outs: This is another way to make money form your blog. Top bloggers use these techniques to make money. If your blog has a large number of readers you can sell shout outs of other blogs that are in the same niche.

Many new bloggers want shout outs from top bloggers. This helps to grow their blog to get an authority and also traffic.

  1. Sell your blog’s vacant space: You can sell your blog’s vacant space to display advertisements for different companies or service providers.

If your blog has a good amount of readers you can pitch different companies in your niche to display their ads on your website. And you can charge a good amount for this.

blog monetization ways
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Step 10: Drive traffic to your blog

 After completing all the above steps you will get traffic from the social media sites and as well as organic.

To get more traffic you have to work on SEO. That is explained later in this article.

Some initial steps you have to do to get traffic:

  1. Submit your blog post URL to the Google search console.
  2. Share with your social media handles
  3. Write guest posts to another website of your niche with your blog post link in the content.
  4. Maintain blog posting frequency.
  5. Participate in the conversation on different forums, like Quora.

Another way to get traffic is your returning visitors. Most of the bloggers forgot to drive those readers who have already visited your blog.

For this, you can play a little trick. You can add a free subscription pop up to get collect the unique visitor’s email address.

By doing this you can send your new post notification to them. From here you will also get traffic.

SEO optimize your blog for massive traffic

 SEO(search engine optimization) is the most crucial and important part of your blogging journey. Without SEO your blog will never rank on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines. You have to do all types of SEO in the right way to make your blog search engine friendly.

SEO is of three types:

  1. On-page SEO includes your content quality, content optimization, Keyword, meta descriptions, and permalinks. To keep your website’s on-page SEO score 100% you can use the Ahrefs Webmaster tool for free.
  2. Off-page SEO includes Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. Here are the 9 best backlink checker tools that help you to analyze your domain’s backlinks.
  3. On-site SEO includes crawling and indexing on your blog.

You have to do all these very efficiently following the ultimate SEO checklist. By doing this you will be able to rank on Google and get massive traffic.

If your blog is in Hindi or any other regional language you can also make it SEO-friendly to get ranked on Google. Knowing the SEO stats of your website is very important for SEO improvement.

FAQs on start blogging

1. How much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start a blog with no money using the blogger platform. To start a self-hosted blog you need a domain name that costs around $9 and for hosting with a starter plan around $36. A sum of  $45.

2. Which is the best site to start a blog for free?

To start a blog free you can use a blogger platform or you can choose and But I prefer to go with a self-hosted blog with a custom domain name if you are serious about blogging.

3. When should I publish my blog?

You can publish blog posts in the morning at 7-9 AM or at noon 12-2 PM or evening at 6-8 PM. This timing is good for publishing your blog post.

4. How long does it take to make money from a blog?

If you are a beginner it takes 6-8 months to start earning and for a part-time income, you need 1 year+ dedication and hard work. And allow 24 months to generate a good income from your blog.

5. Where can I publish my blog for free?

You can publish your blog on different social media sites, on blog submission directories, and can do guest posting to get your blog post to publish on other websites passively.

6. How do bloggers get paid?

Most of the Bloggers get paid through AdSense and affiliate marketing or by selling their own products.

7. Do people read blogs anymore?

Yes! People still read blogs. But the way of reading is changed now. Now people do not read the whole blog instead they scan the summary of the blog posts.


Here in the article, I have covered all the steps involved to start a blog. As a newbie, it will help to come into the blogging journey. If you have any questions in mind please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Do share this blogging guide whoever wanted to start a powerful money making blog.

Here is the infographic of how to start a powerful money making blog

This will help you to accumulate all the steps to start a powerful money making blog in one place. For your reference you can download this.

How to start a blog infographic
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Want To Get Affiliate Blog Post Checklist?

The purpose of affiliate posts is to sell an affiliate product. To create a valuable post that will lead people to purchase.

I created this free checklist for you.

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