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WP Engine Review: Is It Really Worth the Price?

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Now WordPress are the backbone of most of the websites. So, Most of the hosting companies are focusing on hosting the WordPress system. WP Engine is one of them.

It is important to choose a right web hosting for your blog and this is a quite difficult.

There are many good options available if you want to host small and medium sized WordPress website for your business.

Affordable hosting like SiteGround is the best for small business websites and blogs. They are awesome for their services and also what they offer.

But the task gets a bit difficult when your blog starts growing exponentially. For this you need a great and powerful server resource to cope up with the increasing traffic.

Here comes the best WordPress managed web hosting WP Engine. They offer best-managed plans that are optimized for hosting WordPress with excellent uptime and features.

WP Engine Coupon
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Best WordPress managed web hosting WP Engine. They offer best-managed plans that are optimized for hosting WordPress with excellent uptime and features. Give a try now!

WP Engine Review: Is it Right Choice for Your Business?

WP Engine Review
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WP Engine Hosting Features

If you want your website to be optimized, secure and fast loading without doing anything extra, the managed WordPress hosting will be the best for you. And for this you should go with the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting.

Services they offer:

  • Easy migration to WP Engine from your old hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free space to host staging sites
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Global CDN
  • SSH Gateway
  • Access to 35+ StudioPress themes
  • A premium theme like Genesis Pro is free of cost
  • Free caching plugin “Evercache”
  • Free GeoTargeting
  • Smart plugin manager

WP Engine has servers in different countries but have data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia etc.

Let’s start discussing all features of WP Engine hosting.

Page Speed Stat

Page speed of your website is the main thing that will attract a user towards your site. So A good page speed is need to grow your blog.

Here are the page speed stats of WP Engine hosting.

WP Engine Review: Page speed
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Here from the above stat you can see

  • Load Generator: Ashburn, USA
  • Test Server: Ann Arbor, USA
  • Minimum Response Time: 0.51 seconds
  • Maximum Response Time: 0.59 seconds

So, from the above chart, you can see that with the increasing traffic the page loading time remains constant. This is a good sign for a website because it takes some time to load for 1st user and also for the 100th user.

Easy Site Migration

If you are getting frustrated on your old hosting and want to jump over a best WordPress managed hosting? You can easily migrate your site from your old hosting to WP Engine hosting. They provide best support to migrate your site to their hosting.

Free SSL Certificate

Without SSL certificate it is impossible to rank on Google. It is now must have thing if you are running a blog or website. Now a day’s most of the web hosting services provides SSL certificate with their plan free of cost.

WP Engine is not the odd one out of them. They provide a free SSL certificate with hosting plans regardless of pricing.

Space for staging site

WP Engine offers free staging sites. If you are a web designer or a web developer you might need to change or edit client’s site a number of times.

With the help of WP Engine’s staging site features you can make changes of your site without making them live on internet.

You can access their staging site features from the cPanel directly and if needed you can roll back to the previous version of your site without losing your hard work.

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24/7 Customer Support

WP Engine offers different types of customer support options like Phone call, Email and live chat. You can easily use their portal after just logging in.

They have experienced, helpful and knowledgeable customer support executive to help you out of any problem you are facing.

And they also have a lots of well-written documentations on their website, that you can access free of cost to meet your query about different technical and as well as services they offer.

WP Engine SSH Gateway

WP Engine offers SSH gateway free of cost with their hosting plans. SSH is known as Secure Shell. It helps to connect to a site securely without WordPress interface.

With the SSH you can access a lot of command lines like WP CLI, MySQL command line, and bash to optimize your WordPress website. It uses a combination of username and password to secure your website. You can learn more about SSH gateway from here.

WP Engine Caching Plugin for free

WP Engine also provides a free caching plugin named “Evercache”. With the help of this plugin you can easily clear the cache of your web server with just one click. This plugin will works for only sites that are hosted on WP Engine.

Free GeoTargeting

WP Engine GeoTargeting
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If you are running a business and want to attract users depending on their geographical location you might need GeoTargeting services. WP Engine offers the GeoTargeting servies free of cost with their hosting plans regardless of pricing.

No other web hosting services provide this free of cost. If you need this feature for your business you should choose the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting.

Smart Plugin Manager

WP Engine also offers services like smart plugin manager. It will automatically keep your plugins up to date and safe.

Recently from an insight we came to know that 59% of the total attacks on a WordPress site are from a non updated plugins.  

Smart Plugin Manager automatically checks your plugins for updates nightly and ensures that when updates happen, your site doesn’t break.

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Free access to 35+ StudioPress themes

They also offer 35+ premium themes of StudioPress free of cost with their web hosting services. You need not to buy any StudioPress theme.

They also offer the premium theme like Genesis Pro free of cost. (Costs $59.95 normally)

WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine provides only one type of hosting service that is managed WordPress hosting. IN this category you will get different plans. These plans differ in how many resources they are providing and for how many sites.

Here is the WP Engine plans:

  • Startup plan: This is a basic tire of WP Engine hosting. With this plan you will host up to 1 website with 10GB local storage, 50GB Bandwidth per month, free SSL certificate, global CDN and other features. This plan is suitable for 25000 visitors per month. This will cost you around $22.50/month.
  • Growth Plan: In this plan of WP Engine you can host up to 10 websites with 20GB local storage, 200GB bandwidth per month, free SSL certificate, global CDN and other features. This plan is suitable for 100,000 visitors per month. This plan will cost you around $86.25/month.
  • Scale plan: In this plan of WP Engine you can host up to 30 websites with 50GB local storage, 500GB bandwidth per month, free SSL certificate, global CDN and other features. This plan is suitable for 400,000 visitors per month. This plan will cost you around $217.50/month.
  • Custom plans: WP Engine also provides custom hosting plans for your need. If you got millions of visits and unlimited bandwidth with unlimited domain you can contact them.

Additional features they offer with every hosting plans are:

  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Dev/Stage/Prod Environments
  • Transferable Sites
  • PHP 7.4 ready
  • Evercache
  • LargeFS
  • Global CDN
  • Page Performance
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • SSH Gateway

How to start a blog with WP Engine managed WordPress hosting?

Below is the step by step process to start a blog with WP Engine hosting.

Time taken to buy a SiteGround hosting: 15 minutes

  1. Visit WP Engine Website:

    WP Engine
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    Click on the discount link. After clicking you will be redirected to the WP Engine website.

  2. Choose a plan:

    WP Engine plans
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    After scrolling a little bit you will get the WP Engine hosting plans. Choose a plan which is the best fit for you. I will recommend choosing the SCALE plan for your better savings.

  3. Create your account on WP Engine:

    WP Engine create account
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    After choosing the hosting plan just click on “GET STARTED” to go to the next step. Here you have to create your account and you have to check all the add-ons that you can add with your hosting. Just fill up the form as per your need.

  4. Complete payment:

    WP Engine payment
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    On the Next step you have to fill up the payment details and after that click on create my site button to make the purchase complete.

    Before completing a purchase on the coupon code section enter the coupon code ‘JULY3FREE’ to get an additional 10% discount with 3 months extra web hosting for free.

Now, you are done purchasing WP Engine hosting. If you want to know how to start a successful blog read our step by step guide to start a blog.

WP Engine has no domain registrar service. So, if you already purchased a domain just change your domain nameserver with WP Engine hosting and if you do not buy a domain till now then you may purchase a domain from NameCheap or Godaddy. Because they offer better pricing for buying a new domain.

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WP Engine for Is WP Engine hosting best fit for small business?

Services and the features are top class on WP Engine hosting, but if you compare price with other web hosting providers, it is a little bit costly. If you run a small business it is not suitable for you. If your budget allows can go with this.

But for the bigger website with a lot of plugins and custom WordPress scripts and millions of traffic WP Engine hosting is the best choice.

Pros and Cons of WP Engine hosting


  • Well-optimized for WordPress users.
  • Simplifies the process of managing your website.
  • Provides solid, consistent performance.
  • Excellent uptime of the servers.
  • Offers plenty of features
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Offers premium themes for free
  • Free caching plugin


  • Pricing is too high.
  • Only offers managed hosting on shared servers.
  • No refund policies.
  • Pricing changes dramatically with the change of features and add-on domains.

WP Engine Coupons and offers

WP Engine coupons & offers
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WP Engine is best WordPress managed hosting services provider with a great features and solid services. They offer 10% OFF with 3 months free web hosting with any plan of minimum 1 year purchase.

Take the advantage of WP Engine hosting coupons that gives you 10% OFF on yearly purchase.

Alternative to WP Engine hosting

WP Engine is one of the best WordPress managed hosting services that offers a lot of features with its plan free of cost. But the price is too high for what they offer.

You might like WP Engine hosting for their services and features but not for the pricing. There are some awesome alternative to WP Engine hosting you can check out.

My recommendation is to go with SiteGround hosting. They are best in service, the features they offer, and as well as affordable. Moreover, SiteGround has 30 days of refund policies.

For more information about SiteGround hosting, you may check out my full detailed article on SiteGround hosting review.

FAQs on WP Engine hosting

  1. Is WP Engine shared hosting?

    No, WP Engine does not offer shared hosting. It is managed wordpress hosting provider. Managed Hosting means the company takes care of all the security on your behalf.

  2. Does WP Engine use CPanel?

    WP Engine does not use “CPanel”. They have their own simple user dashboard where you can have access to the basic menus and functions. such as managing your wordpress installation, MySQL admin, user accounts etc.

  3. Why is WP Engine so expensive?

    WP Engine is too expensive because it was perfect to handle bigger websites and offers the state of the art equipment and software.

  4. Is WP Engine worth?

    WP Engine plans are expensive. However, you’ll get quality managed to host service in return for your investment. WP Engine offers lots of essential WordPress features, best performance, and reliable support.


WP Engine plans are not cheap. However, you’ll get quality managed to host service in return for your investment. WP Engine offers lots of essential WordPress features, best performance, and reliable support. If WP Engine does fit your budget, you can consider it.

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